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Signs You’re Healthier that have Nothing to do with Weight

There are so many ways to measure your health. If you’re just starting your fitness journey, or have been on one for a while, be sure to check in on your progress in ways that do not include the scale. Below are just some examples of how you can track your progress:

  1. You have more energy

  2. You’re able to lift heavier weights

  3. Improved Sleep

  4. Clothes fit better

  5. You can walk or run for further distances

  6. Feel more confident

  7. Improved mood overall

  8. You enjoy the process of exercising more

  9. Healthier skin

  10. Groceries don’t feel so heavy

  11. Other metrics have improved, i.e. resting heart rate, blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure

  12. Better digestion

These are just some of the ways to check in on your overall health and see where there has been improvement. Your fitness journey is about so much more than just weight. I hopes this inspires you to celebrate all the successes on your fitness journey!

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