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When Hiring a Personal Trainer Can Help Your Fitness Journey

Updated: May 28, 2021

We all need a little help from time to time. This is especially true when it comes to our health. A personal trainer can help you set goals, make an actionable plan, provide form corrections, helping prevent injuries, and help you stay accountable. Here are a few times you should consider hiring a personal trainer:

At the start of your fitness journey

When you first starting out on your fitness journey, having a professional who can ensure proper form is crucial. This will prevent injury and lead to faster results. Most people also have natural imbalances from our everyday movement patterns or past injuries; personal trainers are taught to spot these imbalances and then help you correct them.

Your trainer will also create a personalized workout program that fits into your life, so you can make it a lifelong habit. This plan will also be at your current fitness level, so you are challenged, but not exhausted.

Trainers can help you stay motivated. As a trainer, I typically text my clients a few times a week to act as that accountability partner.

Having a trainer at the start of your journey is a way to set yourself up for success.

When you have hit a plateau

If you’ve been working out regularly for a while, chances are you will eventually hit a plateau. This means you might stop seeing physical changes, or you’re not able to push past a certain training level. This is totally normal, but it sucks. A personal trainer can get you out this rut and have you meeting your goals. We will look at your current program and lifestyle and adjust your program accordingly. It may be as simple as reassessing goals, switch up some cardio or weight training days or even trying a new type of workout.

If you are bored with your workouts

Let’s be honest – sometimes working out is boring. It could be from doing the same program for too long, performing exercises below your fitness level or even just doing exercises you don’t like. If this is the case – hiring a trainer can allow for a breath of fresh air in your workout routine.

If you are bored, be honest with your trainer about what you feel is working in your workout and what is not. For example, if you hate jumping jacks or traditional crunches because they remind you too much of gym class and make you groan, let us know! We won’t make you do them. There are countless exercises, types of workouts and equipment to find something you enjoy doing and will get you results.

When you experience life changes that make prioritizing fitness difficult

Life is busy and changes a lot – a big project or a work promotion might mean less time to spend at the gym; or starting a family makes you feel like finding time to workout is impossible. A personal trainer can help you navigate these changes and build a workout program that fits into your life. For example, you might not have the time or energy for a full workout some days, but even a mid-day 20-minute walk has a positive impact on your health. Or if you don’t feel comfortable going to the gym right now, creating at home workouts that only take 30 minutes can get you to reach your goals. As a trainer, I see my clients as a partner, and we work together to build a sustainable program for you.

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